Frequently Asked Questions

What are your references?
We believe that customers comments are the best references. Having provided music for hundreds of weddings, and for thousands of couples around the world, comments and posts about our work are all over the internet, especially on Tripadvisor and Google, and in some specialized press. You can also find a few, we gathered mostly from Tripadvisor, at the bottom of each section of this website.

Do you reach destinations in Italy other than the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento/Capri?
Yes we do, as long as our schedule allows it. Extra costs for travel expenses (and accommodation in some cases) will apply.

How do you choose your musicians?
Being a musician myself I pick my musicians on the field, often after trial performances. I choose professional musicians only, they must be talented, reliable, easygoing and polite.

How do you choose your audio equipment?
Our equipment is chosen specifically for each event, according to the total number of guests and other factors, including what sound pressure is allowed by the venue. Equipment is tested at the beginning of the work season, and before leaving for each gig. New equipment is acquired every year.

Is it difficult to arrange our wedding music remotely, via email or phone, or without a wedding planner?
No it is not. Most of the music we've been providing over the years was arranged by email and/or phone. That works perfectly. Moreover our staff is available to meet you in person once you are here, shortly before your wedding, to go over everything in person one last time. We're also available on Skype, and such apps, throughout the process.

Can we make requests that are not in your musicians' repertoire?
Ceremony musicians, and bands, can accommodate a few requests for no extra cost. In some cases music sheets might be needed, and should be bought specifically for a performance, involving a small extra fee. In other cases an extra fee for arrangement and reharsal might be required, if creating an arrangement from scratch is necessary for example. DJs can of course accommodate any request, and prefer to work with a songlist sent by the couple. Please note: All requests and songlists must be sent at least 21 days before the event.

How long are reception bands available for, for the standard rate?
Bands are available for 3-4 hours for reception for the standard rate, and if customers would like up to an extra 30 minutes performance that is not a problem, and will be free of charge. Bands take one or two short breaks during a reception (dinner) performance, some refreshment should be made available to them during breaks.

Do we have to provide refreshments for our reception musicians?
While ceremony and cocktail hour musicians do not need refreshments, reception musicians usually do. This is because these musicians are usually on location for 3-5 hours, while coming from further away. This means that they will be away from home for 7-8 hours or longer in total. For this reason it is customary to provide them with a simple meal while they are on their break. The staff menu is usually cost effective and appropriate.

Will there be music during the reception musicians' break?
Yes, background music is provided during breaks.

How does booking and payment for your services work?
Quotes will be provided for the selected services. Once agreed on services and cost a booking deposit will be sent. A receipt will be provided by email. The total cost of music services will have to be paid in full before the event; 15 working days before the event at the latest. A PAID IN FULL receipt will be sent by email once full payment is confirmed. The transfer of the booking fee finalizes the booking/contract between customers and Booking fees are not refundable. Full payment finalizes the booking/contract between customers and In case of cancellation our cancellation policy (also at the bottom of this page) will apply.

Which forms of payment do you accept?
Paypal and all major credit cards through Paypal (a 3% service charge applies to Paypal transfers), and bank transfers. We do not accept cheques.

Does good wedding music have to be expensive?
Not necessarely, but in our professional opinion it's best not to fall below a certain budget, to ensure professional musicians, and a top level performance.

What is included in your rates?
Our rates include performers fees, equipment rental and transport (when extra porter fees are not involved), parking, basic insurance on equipment and performers, and the music tax called ENPALS. The music tax called SIAE is not included in our rates.

What is SIAE?
SIAE is the italian royalty tax on live music perfomances (including DJ sets). SIAE ranges from approximately 125 to approximately 380 euro, depending on the kind of act and venue, number of guests, and other factors. SIAE is connected to the venue/location of the event, this is why we cannot include it in our quotes. We can handle the tax for you, if you need us to, and only the cost of the tax itself will be involved.

Is VAT included in your rates?
Our quotes are net, this means VAT is not included in our rates. VAT is 22%.

Will I get an invoice/contract, and a "PAID IN FULL" receipt after payment?
Yes, of course. You will receive a receipt for your deposit, for your full payment, and a contract.

Why are music services in Capri more expensive than in other locations?
Capri is a beautiful island, unfortunately it's a little harder to reach. Musicians require a higher fee to reach Capri and perform there, and providing services in Capri involves higher travel and porter expenses. Moreover accommodation is needed for reception musicians, who finish performing quite late at night, while ferries to go back to the mainland are not available until the morning.

What is your Cancellation Policy?
Cancellation of booking up to 31 days before the wedding involves a cancellation fee of 80% of the total cost of booked services. Cancellation of booking later than 31 days before the wedding requires a cancellation fee of 100% of the total cost of booked music services + the cost of the SIAE tax, if that was paid in advance for customers by Amalficoastmusic.

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