For several years we've seen a growing number of websites, and Youtube videos, using text that was taken directly from our pages and from our Youtube videos' titles and descriptions. While we welcome competition and we find it stimulating, when everyone brings their value and ideas to the table, we are not so sure that copying and pasting from others, and trying to reproduce another company's tone and content, is the best way to go about it. Above all several customers reported that this practice makes it sometimes hard to tell one company from another, creating a problem also on the customers' end. Therefore to avoid confusion, and in everyone's best interest, let us clarify that we are not affiliated in any way to any of these websites, companies or individuals: Ravellointernational/Wagnertours or anyone called Mario or Marco, some guy who calls himself just "Amalfi Coast Music Events" on Youtube and his Youtube channel, the piano and voice duo Antony and Pina, apparently active in the Naples/Sorrento area.

Our website is www.amalficoastweddingmusic.com or www.amalficoastmusic.net. Our videos are recognizable by our logo (Amalficoastweddingmusic or Amalficoastmusic) in yellow on black, or yellow on white, appearing at the top left or top right corner of the screen.

Only the following websites are actually affiliated to us: